Ali Asif Centre of Excellence (AACE) is the Parent Company of many successful brands in various market sectors including Alumination. The Core Management Team of AACE is made up of savvy entrepreneurs, industry experts & elite professionals, bringing years of experience to a young enterprise. Our team, and the entire network of collaborators and the companies of our group, are characterized by the unanimous desire to do practical things, which add value into everything we do.

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We are all individual personalities with different characteristics but what we do share is a singular passion, commitment & vision to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to bring a real difference in our employees lives. We strongly believe in the strength of togetherness.

Ali Asif

Founder & CEO

Ali has vast global knowledge & experience in Leadership, Marketing & Life Coaching, gained through working in various professional sectors. His vision behind AACE is to build a platform where unique opportunities are created, lives are well served & brilliant products & services are enriched. As a leader of the team he is responsible for overall operations of the organization.

Ja Awan

Chief Operating Officer

Jamshed is a seasoned executive with over 17 years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain & Courier Industries. As COO of the group he is leading a very passionate team with a genuine desire to make AACE and its subsidiary brands a go-to digital alternatives in the market place. He is leading Jimuaa a go-to online marketplace, where customers & sellers are benefited alike.

Helen Woolford

VP - Corporate Communication

Helen is a seasoned professional with an invaluable experience in the education sector. She has worked with various age groups to develop a deeper understanding of human behaviors and the needs for their well being. At AACE she is responsible for the development of media content submissions, case studies, consumer and executive interview material and internal employee updates.

Lee Drew

VP - Learning & Development

Lee is a driven individual with a decorated career in Squash. He was a Former World 45 Professional Squash Player. He is the current England Junior National Coach as well. In his current advisory role with AACE, he is responsible for developing the training programs which are aimed at helping our employees in unlocking their hidden potential, dealing with overall pressure, and bringing a great work & life balance.

Naomi Woolford

VP - Global Sales & Marketing

Naomi is a highly professional individual with a great desire to achieve in everything she does. Naomi brings with herself years of experience of working in various market sectors such as IT, Hospitality & Management. AT AACE she is leading the global sales & marketing team. She is responsible for researching and developing marketing opportunities and planning and implementing new sales plans.

Mubarak Sheikh

VP - Business Strategy & Planning

Mubarak is a visionary executive with proficiency in developing and implementing strategic workflow processes to enhance productivity and revenue growth. He brings with him more than two decades of working exposures in the fields of logistics, freight forwarding & courier industry. AT AACE he is responsible for the overall planning & implementation of the group’s key policies.

Ali Mohsin

Head of Customer Growth

Mohsin is a very driven individual with a very great to make a difference in everything he does. At AACE he is responsible of new business development in the UK & Europe. In a very short period of time he has achieved a huge success and our mega presence in the UK is mainly because of his sheer dedication.With his clearly thought out plan, AACE is making significant progress.

Jaffar A. Bashar

Country Head Finance

Jaffar is a very experienced manager, whose management style is truly driven by compassion, empathy & understanding. He brings with himself years of experience of working in various market sectors, ranging from working in the courier sector to working for himself as a consultant. At AACE he is responsible for the overall day to day running of the finance.

Tanzeem U. Hassan

Head of Design & Creative

Tanzeem is a design architect with an aesthetic taste. He is known for his minimalist, downplayed sense of style & presentation. He believes in “Less is more” philosophy. Over a short period of time he has developed a very strong rapport with his clientele purely based on his sheer understanding of their requirements.


Head of Web Development

Badar is someone with a very creative way of thinking with a keen eye for detail, and have excellent organizational skills. He has a strong work ethic with a positive, “can-do” attitude. At AACE he is leading our Web Development Division. He is responsible for overseeing a project from conception to implementation, designing and developing web architecture, and providing guidance.

Safa Ishtiaq

Head of Marketing and PR

Safa is a young, enthusiastic & super talented individual with an artistic taste in creativity. She is known for her strong personality & passionate involvement in empowering women. Her ability to understand a project, simplifying its fundamentals and creating something powerful as an end result is a true reflection of her flair. AT AACE she is leading a team of content creators & social media managers.

Waqas Babar

Head of Customer Success

Waqas is one of the youngest members of the core team of AACE, whose success within a short space of time is exemplary. He has built a reputation as someone who is very thoughtful & tactical with a great analytical quality. In his current role within AACE he is responsible for client success, right from smooth onboarding to the tracking of their campaigns & progress, while keeping them well informed.